Pakistan Carpet Manufacturers & Exporters Association

CTI Building, 1st Floor, 27-Empress Road, Lahore.





A meeting of the Executive Committee of PCMEA was held on Thursday the 10.03.2022 at 3:00 p.m at PCMEA Office, Lahore, to discuss the following agenda: – (The members of PCMEA South Circle attended the meeting through ZOOM.)


  1. Recitation from AL-QURA’AN-AL-KAREEM.
  2. Leave of absence of Executive members.
  3. Confirmation of Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting dt.16.12.2021 (already     circulated)
  4. Discussion regarding Carpet Exhibition in October 2022 at Lahore.
  5. Any other matter with the permission of the chair.


It was presided over by Mr. Akhtar Nazir Khan, Chairman PCMEA and was attended by the following members:-


  1. Mr. Akhtar Nazir Khan                 Chairman
  2. Mr. M. Naeem Sajid.                    Senior-Vice Chairman (S.C)
  3. Mr. Ijaz-ur-Rehman                      Vice-Chairman (N.C)
  4. Mr. Riaz Ahmed                            Executive Member (N.C)
  5. Mr. Kamran Razi                           “
  6. Mr. Ali Asghar Chawla                  “
  7. Kh. Mir Mudassir                          “
  8. Mr. Pervaz Sajjad                          ”           (S.C)
  9. Sheikh Zahid Hassan                     “
  10. Mr. M. Zafar Idrees Soleja.          “
  11. Sheikh Arif


Special Invitees.

  1. Mr. Abdul Latif Malik
  2. Mr. M. Aslam Tahir
  3. Mr. M. Saeed Khan
  4. Malik Handi Craft             (Karachi)


Agenda Item No.1

Recitation of Holy Quran


The Meeting started with recitation of Holy Quran.


Agenda Item No.2

Leave for absence


Leave of absence was granted to members who could not attend the meeting due to various personal reasons.


Agenda Item No.3

Confirmation of Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting held on 16.12.2021.


The Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting  dated 16.12.2021 were unanimously approved as no objection on any point of the minutes of meeting were received from any member of PCMEA.



Agenda Item No.4

Discussion regarding Carpet Exhibition in October 2022 at Lahore.


Chairman PCMEA Mr. Akhtar Nazir Khan thanked all the members and said that the main purpose of today’s executive committee meeting is to finalize the dates for our Lahore Carpet Exhibition 2022. He said due to Covid Pandemic diseases we could not organize this regular event since 2019, but now Europe, USA and other countries are open, therefore we should also approach the Ministry of Commerce to help us in organizing this mega event.


He further added that we are going to form two committees for the subject fair which will consists of Vice & Senior Chairman of both Circles. To do the needful I would now request this house to share their input to finalize our exhibition dates. The Chairman PCMEA requested Khawaja Mir Mudassir & Mr. Kamran to give their opinion for the exhibition dates, They  said due to Jewish holidays we have best dates i.e 11th to 14th September 2022. , Mr. Naeem Sajid, the Senior-Vice Chairman point out that there was no weekend in these dates, sharing the previous experience, the Senior-V.C said in last exhibition despite spending Rs:300,000/- the exhibits were could not reached at Lahore in time, he further added, the exhibits should reach before a day of exhibition. The Senior-V.C & Mr. Parvez Sajjad jointly enquired the venue of Exhibition? Replying them, Chairman PCMEA said last time we arranged exhibition in Faletti’s Hotel, Lahore, but, the rooms in that hotel were not available, so, this time the venue of exhibition would be P.C Hotel, Lahore.



Taking a part into the subject topic, Mr. Parvez Sajjad requested the Northern Circle to consider the special discount for Karachi’s exhibitors, seconding the remarks of Mr. Parvez Sajjad, Mr. Naeem Sajid, Senior-V.C said the special discount may please be considered for Karachi’s members. Replying to the request, Chairman PCMEA said that a special consideration will be given to provide a discount to the exhibitors from Karachi if possible.


The Lahore based executive members as well as other members present unanimously agreed and endorsed to confirm the exhibition dates 11th to 14th September 2022. Chairman PCMEA said the next step is construction of the stall and I have requested for further extension of the last stall construction committee to continue which they all have very kindly agreed.


The House also agreed to confirm the same venue that is Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore. Mr. Abdul Latif Malik said let’s start working and request the government to share their feedback.




Sheikh Zahid Hassan, executive member of Southern Circle requested Chairman PCMEA that he had written a letter to him, regarding the cancellation of membership of Muhammad Naeem Sajid and to remove him from the post of Senior Vice Chairman of PCMEA, The Chairman Mr. Akhtar Nazir Khan replied that we have received a copy of Legal Notice sent by a  Lawyer Khawaja Shamsul Islam on behalf of Muhammad Naeem Sajid against you, which you have also received through PCMEA Karachi office, he  said kindly settle this matter in amicable environment, and do not publicize such issues everywhere, Chairman PCMEA suggested to adopt the formula of “ Do Respect and get respect “he further added that the executive body members present here including myself would request both of you to make some patch up and try to handle this situation which is going to be worst and also will defame the Association goodwill. I would therefore request both of you to shake hands and forget all the grievances caused in any manner in the past . At this point, Mr. Zafar Soleja  also requested Shaikh Zahid Hassan & Mr. Naeem Sajid  to solve the issue between each other but Sheikh Zahid Hassan did not respond to Chairman’s as well as other member’s request.


The Chairman said let us discuss the Association’s affairs in the respective circles or executive  committee meetings only, he said you also wrote letters to The DGTO at Islamabad which  was also not good, he added, in the past being as Chairman or Vice Chairman, I always replied of each letter you addressed me in the past. Addressing to the Chairman, Mr. Naeem Sajid, Senior-V.C said there was no need to request Shaikh Zahid Hassan again & again, as he has this mindset since 90’s, he is doing the same practices. See what he done in the past :-


1-         Letter against me  during 2010/ 2011 to the Secretary PCMEA  Mr. Hashmi  (Late)


2-         Similar letters to various departments including DGTO.


3-         Letters to SHO Tipu Sultan Police Station and sent copies letters to SSP East and to the     DIG east as well accusing The Senior Vice Chairman as CRIMINAL, TERRORIST,        CONVICTED, etc etc, and at that time, I ignored him because of his age.


4-         The Chairman PCMEA with an argument to remove Mr. Muhammad Naeem Sajid from the post of Senior Vice Chairman, and   now I have sent him a legal notice through my          Lawyer by TCS which was received by Shaikh Zahid Hassan, himself, besides this a             copy of that legal notice was also sent through PCMEA Karachi office, was also received        by Shaikh Zahid Hassan upon which Shaikh Zahid replied that he did not received any             notice from Lawyer or  by the Association, upon which the Senior-V.C said you are a liar,             and a dishonest person. M. Naeem Sajid, The Senior-V.C said to Shaikh Zahid Hassan     that I already have served you a legal notice through my lawyer, you may give the reply      of that notice.  Otherwise my lawyer will proceed in the court of law upon which Shaikh          Zahid Hassan said, do whatever you do I will see you in court.



Mr. M. Aslam Tahir briefed the House that I attended a meeting with the Punjab Small Industries Corporation for the revival of hand knotted carpet industry and to further add my members input a brief questionnaire will be shared with them within a day to fill in and returned back so that their feedback may also be added in the PCMEA final concept papers in progress.


As there remained no other matter un-discussed the Secretary thanked all the members present and the meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the chair.



Secretary (N.C)